Monday, October 20, 2008

Last Thursday + Maker Fair, Austin

Hi...Wanted to quickly share my experience with my first texas fair.
I just got back from Austin's Maker Fair/ Bizarre Bazaar. It wasn't a super busy craft fair although it was HUGE. I met tons of wonderful people and had some good trades with the other crafters. So i would say in that sense it was pretty successful. I think this being the first year that the two fairs join force + there was a bit Missouri Texas game that same weekend not to mention 2 other fairs...might have lended to its low turnout for customers. Although the kid/food/ exhibit part of the fair was pretty busy and very interesting. Maybe the next couple of years they might have worked out the kinks and planning. We'll see. ;)

Also I wanted to quickly post these two photos taken with the iphone... not the best quality but definitely cute pics. I had a wonderful time meeting everyone and look forward to seeing everyone again soon.


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Cindy Carter said...

Hi, I'm Cindy Carter with ResinObsession and I live in Spring. I attended Maker Faire and I wish I would have known someone from Houston was there. I have an Etsy shop for supplies and I'm about to join this group and would like to attend the coffee in January. Anyway just wanted to say hi. thanks Cindy