Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Recap of this Evening's meeting and decisions

Members casting a vote this evening or by a proxy ballot in email, unanimously accepted the Mission Statement for Houston Artisans! The dues set at $25. were also agreed to unanimously.

Some possible locations were discussed for a fall event. If you know of a festival, church or other facility like a personal home or clubhouse that could be used please go into the Ning group to share with other members.

Our next meeting will be August 18th. If you have a laptop, and can bring it, they have wifi available.

- Cafe Express
- 1101 Uptown Park
- 7:00pm
- 1101 Uptown Park
- 713-963-9222
- 77056

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mission Statement Feedback Requested

In the meeting today (Sunday July 12), we had discussions about organization and a Mission statement for the Artisans of Houston group. Here is a suggestion.

Artisans of Houston is a group committed to furthering the cause of personally designed, handcrafted arts in the Houston area. We are small business owners promoting our individual businesses internally, externally, locally, and internationally. Success will be achieved through networking, advertising, making use of online resources, and organization within the group, with the goal of holding our own art shows.

Membership fees of $25 are planned to support the above goals.

We hope you will become an active, participating member of Artisans of Houston. We'd like any input you have to give on any point discussed above!

Discussion will be held at the meeting on Tuesday July 21 at 7 pm, and a consensus reached. Please attend, or reply to this discussion, to share your thoughts on this!