Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Team Page on Etsy ~ Link to current team

Links to our team page on Etsy, so you can see current members shops. We are always interested in finding new members for our team, or vendors who don't wish to join the team, but live in the area. We are currently in the early stages of developing a show for this spring and next fall.

To join our team page on Etsy, you must have attended at least one meeting, and paid your yearly dues($25.00). These dues help us to have the operating funds necessary to pay for the facility, and buy insurance for the events. We do give team members a reduced fee for booths at our shows.

Monday, November 8, 2010

November Meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 16

Our next meeting is Tuesday, the 16th, at 7pm at the Forum.
777 N Post Oak Rd
Houston, TX 77024


Here are the more detailed directions:
Once you turn into the driveway of the Forum, drive straight and pass a red building on the left and a small white building on the right. After that is a parking garage and a parking lot - the garage gate sometimes does not work, so parking in the lot seems better. The meeting is in the red building, on the fifth floor in the room called the Bistro (immediately outside of the elevators). The person at the front desk where you sign in can direct you as well, just tell them you're there for Artisans of Houston. Please feel free to bring things to show around!

We will be discussing the show that we had in October.