Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July Meeting Notes

Sorry for the delay. July's meeting was sparsely attended (6 people). We discussed technology questions, mostly how things work on Etsy, and off topic subjects since there weren't many people asking questions. I left a little early so don't know if next meeting time was discussed, but perhaps plan for third Wednesday again? That will be August 17th. More info to be posted later.

Upcoming meeting topics are:

August: wholesale and consignment selling: how to do it and how to find opportunities. A number of our group members have experience with this and will be contributing their valuable insights! Will include how to market toward wholesalers and consignment stores.

September: Amanda Howe, a new member and amateur photographer, will be speaking on the topic of photographing your items, using a camera in general, and what to do with the photos after you take them.

If we're going to have a show, the planning needs to be happening soon! I have no information on that either, so more posts will probably be coming about that. Looks like the date is set for October 22, tentatively at Bethany Christian Church, the same place as last year.