Sunday, July 4, 2010

Next meeting of Houston Artisans is scheduled for August! :)

The Forum, an assisted living center located right at the intersection of I-10 and 610. Map here:

We will be announcing information about the date and location of our fall show after that meeting, and discussing it there. So if you attend, you will be among the first to know. We have adopted some bylaws, which will make it possible for our group to be a non profit. This has many advantages to us as a group and as individual members.

Third Tuesdays in August(17), September, October, and December will begin at 7:00 pm at:

The Forum
777 N Post Oak Rd
Houston, TX 77024

We are allowed to bring food in to this location, but it is not a restaurant, so brown bag or drive through on the way. :) After a long summer break, we'll all enjoy seeing each other again. Be sure to bring along new creations to share after the business portion of the meeting is completed. We will begin planning for the fall show, which will be at a great location!

If this is your first meeting to attend, please read the Artisans of Houston 101 post so you can have an idea of how the meetings run. You do not need a personal invitation from a current officer or member if you are a Houston area artist or artisan with or without an Etsy shop.