Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Recap of this Evening's meeting and decisions

Members casting a vote this evening or by a proxy ballot in email, unanimously accepted the Mission Statement for Houston Artisans! The dues set at $25. were also agreed to unanimously.

Some possible locations were discussed for a fall event. If you know of a festival, church or other facility like a personal home or clubhouse that could be used please go into the Ning group to share with other members.

Our next meeting will be August 18th. If you have a laptop, and can bring it, they have wifi available.

- Cafe Express
- 1101 Uptown Park
- 7:00pm
- 1101 Uptown Park
- 713-963-9222
- 77056


cctexan3 said...

I m sorry I missed it yet again!
I want to meet face to face...

I am glad to join with my dues, and the fall thing sounds fab. I think location is a big thing. there is not much time but many apt complexes have clubhouses , some large enough to do a fair. especially the new luxe apts. I think either NW or Sugarland or Pearland would be a great location

Heres to hoping you have some weekend day meetings for those who cant make it at night with the traffic@

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Currently we are discussing weekend day meetings every third month or so. I drive in from the suburbs(Kingwood) and have to get a 6:00 start to make it, so I understand the problem. Jo