Monday, August 25, 2008

Wishlist requests as a comment?

If you are an Etsy shopper, and you would like to request a specific type of thing to be created for you, you might leave a comment to this post. At Etsy, you can convo(message) individual artisans by looking for the link that is called contact. You must be a registered user to convo, bid or sell on Etsy.

Lately, I think because of the limitations on our own time, cost of living, and the wider availability of cheap(often cheaply made) imported craft/home items we've forgotten the pleasure of an individually made item. OOAK stands for one of a kind, and in my youth, more things were OOAK because they were made by an individual.

They cost more because: in addition to time, the materials for making things can be quite expensive. Even working from my stash of fabrics for a quilt, it is necessary for me to purchase batting for the middle of the layers. This might run around $20.00 or even more for specialty sizes or types.

So, if there were a chartreuse quilt or whatever your heart desires, just what would that something be? Feel free to ask for anything, and one of us might be inspired to create it. After all, asking for what you want is part of receiving it sometimes...

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serendipityrose said...

Jo -I love this idea! What a great way for people to let us know what they want.