Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Central City Holiday Market

On Tuesday, August 26, at 11:00am, Artisans of Houston met with Tiffany, a board member of the Central City Market. Central City Market is at Discovery Green which some of you may know is an urban park which opened in April of 2008 and is still building. It's located in downtown Houston very near the George Brown Convention Center and the Toyota Center.

FYI: An important detail for us as prospective Vendors to know is: according an article in the Houston Chronicle- August 17, that an estimated 250,000 people visited Discovery Green in it's first 3 months! People have come from all areas of Houston, including the Woodlands, Sugar Land and other Houston areas.

We had lunch at Lake House near the Market vendors area. Tiffany told our group of seven ladies all about the ins and outs of being a Vendor in Central Market's Holiday Market, which will be an extention of the year around, weekly market program. The year around Market which has been in existence for about four months is made up of vendors of naturally grown produce, and other, environmentally green products.

Artisan Vendors of Central Market are advised to use natural components when creating, using very little if no, synthetic ones, although Tiffany stressed that the parameters are mucn looser for the Holiday Market vendors. As of yet there are no hard and fast rules for the Holiday Market as the program is new and will continue to evolve.

Tiffany told us Market Vendors could expect loyalty and fair play from the organizers. An example given: One coffee vendor has been with them from the beginning and has worked very hard to build up his sales. When another coffee vendor (a well known according to Tiffany) approached her to become a vendor, she had to turn him down because she believed the first vendor could not stand the competition at this time.

It was suggested by Tiffany that vendors often don't always make much in sales the first day, but the sales have increased (in the experience of the current vendors) later. The most lucrative time for sales has been between 5:30 and 6:00, when employees in the area high rise buildings leave work. The office people can see the vendors from their windows which draws them over.

Aside from making sales, we were told that some vendors have experienced a growing customer following and more vistors to their websites.

Suggestions of what may further our business: business cards, flyers, books with pictures of other pieces.

In attendance: Tiffany, a board member and temporary promotions rep for Central City's Market, Cindy and son Ethan , Connie , Diane , Jo , Karri , Linda , and Pam

We will be provided with: 10x10 covered area
2-tables (most likely 6ft. each)

It's recommended that we bring a pair of rain walls which can be found at Academy for under $30.00 for 2.

It's recommended that two artisans occupy a booth for purposes of safety and cost effectiveness.

Cost per Vendor area (booth): $270.00 which includes 6 Thursdays: Nov. 6, 13, 20 and December 4, 11, 18, from 4:00 to 6:30.

There will be rain day vendor cost rebates according to Tiffany.

Drive in and Out Time: (the time that cars are driven on the grounds by the venders transporting - loading and unloading): 2:45 - 3:15 - this may change by 30 minutes on either side with Daylight Savings Time - (we'll be told at the time).

The necessity for strict procedures during the Drive in and Out was explained, the main emphasis was on the safety of the children who will be in the area.

Those interested in being a Vendor in the Holiday Market should email Tiffany by the first of October. She will have the Vendor applications ready by the end of this week - August 29th.

Tiffany's email:

If anyone would like to add anything that I may have missed or not explained well or needs further comments please post them. Also - any discussions on the subject are encouraged so we can have and idea of how many of us are planning to get involved and who might want to team up with who etc.


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When I listed everyone in attendance to the Central City Market I included, after the name, the websites also but it didn't translate so here's how it should be posted:

In attendance: Tiffany, a board member and temporary promotions rep for Central City's Market, Cindy and son Ethan < >, Connie < >, Diane < >, Jo < >, Karri < >, Linda< >, and Pam < >