Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meeting Reminder for January 18th 2010

January meeting for Artisans will be held at Uptown Cafe Express, January 18th at 7:00 p.m. We generally gather in the smaller room to the side of the restaurant. Hope you can join us. If this will be your first Artisans meeting, reading the post entitled Artisans 101 will be helpful. We are returning to our original location. Many of us eat a meal during the meeting. Don't worry if you are late arriving. Be sure to sign the sign-in sheet, so that we can get your email address.

7:00 pm
1101 Uptown Park
77056 - In Uptown Galleria area.

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Doodles said...

Re: the email from Pam requesting input for future meetings - Maybe tie in somehow to the Etsy Success make over your store newsletters. Since we are an off shoot of Etsy originally anyway. I know many of our members are old hands - but we have many newbies - plus, I for one even though I have been around for a while other projects have prevented me from being a consistent presence so I am a little behind the times with my store and other sites. Maybe a one on one face to face about what we can do to improve our stores or traffic. Whaddyathink???