Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Successful Show!

Yesterday, October 23rd was our second annual A FAIR TO REMEMBER. It was a beautiful day, we had a nice turnout, and the Fellowship Hall at Bethany Christian Church was filled with happy Artisans and shoppers. Our miniteam is very eclectic, with jewelers, graphics designers, party ware banners, mobiles, monsters, apparel for women and children. Reclaimed and Recycled part pieces, Handmade pens and boxes, and fiber arts...

The staff at Bethany did a great job assisting us get ready for the show, and were super to work with. A number of vendors donated items to the silent auction held by the school, so we hope that will add to the items offered this year. Last year we auctioned off chances at baskets at our other church and raised a bit over $100. for their youth ministry. This year items donated to the silent auction were worth more in their value, so how much they actually raise will depend on the bidders. :)

A special thanks to Doug Threeton, who was our contact at the church. He was a pleasure to work with! Celina our on the day of custodian, fulfilled every request, and did a great job too. If you were one of our shoppers at the Fair, we hope you'll look for our next A FAIR TO REMEMBER. First word of it, will appear here on this blog. We hope you'll come back to see us again, and tell your friends to come too.

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