Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Artisans of Houston Meeting Notes August 18th, 2009

We made plans for our first A of H Show.

We all agreed that our first show needs to be simple and low cost since it's our first.

The preference for a date is November 14th, with Nov. 7th as the alternate date.

We are checking into some Churches in good traffic locations, including Bethany Christian at Westheimer, west of Kirby. Jo is checking into this possibility with a friend, who attends Bethany.

If anyone knows of another Church/Synogog, or other like place that we should check into please let us know.

Having our show inside will make it much easier for most of us - not having to bring canopies and worrying about the weather will help tremendously.

However we would like to continue to grow and have bigger shows and gather a following in the future by presenting good shows from the beginning. We want to get the interest of people who love quality, handmade, original and unique pieces and are able and willing to pay what it's worth.

We also agree that advertising will be the key. We will work to reach as many people as possible through radio, television, and printed news. For the good of future shows we will invite our guests to add their email addresses to our future email list that will advertise shows each year.

On Sat. Sept. 12, at 2:00, we will have an extra September meeting for further planning. Hopefully those who have difficulty making the night meetings will be able to attend.

Please make it a point to join us each month on the 3rd Tuesday evening, 7:00pm at he Cafe Express in the Galeria area!!!

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