Thursday, May 14, 2009

Next meeting for local Mini Team May 19th

If you are interested in joining us at the next meeting of our mini street team please come to Cafe Express (the Uptown location) at 7:00 pm on May 19th (Tuesday evening). We try to use the side room to make it easier to hear information being shared. So far 3 tables have been moved together, so look for us!
- Cafe Express
- 1101 Uptown Park
- 7:00pm
- 1101 Uptown Park
- 713-963-9222
- 77056

If this will be your first meeting, look down to early post of the basics of team meetings. Check out Artisans of Houston 101 . It is a good idea to bring some things with you, business cards, your calendar, and some of your creations. If you have a laptop with WiFi please bring it. There are several ways that we can use one at the meeting, to help you receive invitations to discussion group, help with adding google analytics to your shop, or perhaps something you don't know how to do...

Unless the meeting is canceled or changed, this is about all we have to share online this month.
We had several new members join us in April. Our meetings are in the evenings, as many of our members have other jobs during the day. To make it easier for members to plan ahead, we've set the third Tuesday as a standing date for team meetings.

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