Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Treasury Finding!

I was strolling through the treasuries, my messed up one is on page 1 now. My title, my name, not my choices!!! LOL! Then I kept going to each page and found a yellow star by one of the Treasuries, and it was made by Ruth of Rhadcliffedesigns, hers was even messed up, but she left a comment that this was her Treasury, but not her name or title!!! Some of us are in it, including some of our members we had the lovely chance of meeting last night!!! So I just thought I'd post it here and yall can go visit this link. Next Treasury I grab, will be a repeat of the one that got lost in cyber space!!!

1 comment:

hausofglass said...

Hi Linda,

I wasn't able to open the link you left on the blog for this treasury for some reason. It looks good on the blog site though.

Everyone stay safe during hurricane Ike!!!