Sunday, July 20, 2008

Artisans of Houston Unite! :)

The founding members of Artisans of Houston invite other local ETSY Artisans to
join our team. Our art includes a diverse collection of handmade items, and sellers of supplies for those creations . Check the links to our Etsy shops, and enjoy shopping without using a drop of gasoline!

Soon, many of the other members of the team, will be able to post to this blog. What a great way to let you know about sales, or special things that we are offering (especially as these items may be quite limited in their availability)!


Cindy Joy said...

Jo, thanks for getting this blog started! You're the best.

serendipityrose said...

Yes - thanks so much! I'm finally back to the world of keeping up with 'stuff' online. It's been quite a traveling summer - in and out of town 5 times since June and having family visits, birthday celebrations, family reunions etc.

This probably sounds like the typical summer for some of you too.

I'm looking forward to out meeting Thursday night (8-14) at Goode Co. Barbeque.